Older women can be objects of sexual desire too

Did you catch the fantastic article in the Daily Life today on sex in later life by Jenna Price? Joan Price, who is featured in the article, will be in Australia talking on sex in later life throughout September. Click through to the article for more information!

2 thoughts on “Older women can be objects of sexual desire too

  1. We ask older people about their health and their relationships but not about sex, not about intimacy; and we need to do what we can to support that.

  2. Totally agree with comments made in article. I am 84 coming up 85 and would love to have someone. My husband has been gone for over 15 years and since then have had 3 friends but have moved interstate and since then haven’t had a relationship. I have had breast cancer 15 years ago – only 2 days off work. Go ballroom dancing 4-5 times per week have been doing yoga and am general very fit and active.

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